Terms and conditions


  1. We don't steal your crypto.
  2. We don't track you and we don't share your data or our data with anybody.
  3. We don't spam.
  4. We secure everything and make sure nobody steals stuff.
  5. We make a lot of backups in case something goes wrong.


  1. Be nice.
  2. Enjoy the services we provide.
  3. Report any problems you find.

High risk warning

Cryptocurrency trading is a high risk activity. Please do your research carefully before buying and selling coins.


We set 2 cookies after you sign up or login:

  • A cookie named "s" to identify your account from the other users' accounts when you use the website
  • A cookie named "u" with your user id

These cookies expire and are deleted 24 hours after you login and immediately after you logout.

We don't use any other cookies or obscure tracking methods.

Tracking and logging

When you access our website, our web servers do not log or store any information, all logging is completely disabled.

Rate limiting

There is a limit of 1200 requests per minute per user and per IP. Please do not make more requests than this limit. Exceeding the limit will result in not being able to access the website anymore.

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