• no personal information required: we don't need your name, phone number, bank account, government ID, etc., only an email address; for improved anonymity, you can use an anonymous email address and a VPN
  • no external cookies, no ads, no tracking services/analytics, no data sharing; we use only two cookies to differentiate between logged in users
  • two factor authentication
  • continuous backups of the database & wallets in multiple secure locations

Wallet & custody

  • use one account to receive and send multiple cryptocurrencies
  • instantly send cryptocurrencies to other users with zero fees


  • instantly convert from one cryptocurrency to another one
  • create buy and sell orders in the available markets
  • support for limit and market orders
  • self-trading (wash-trading) is not allowed; the trading engine will not execute buy <-> sell orders from the same user

Payment processing for merchants

  • by default, the merchant services are disabled for new users; to activate, go to settings and enable merchant services
  • create invoices for your customers in a specified cryptocurrency
  • accept multiple partial payments for a single invoice
  • payment notification: receive a notification to a URL you specify when an invoice is paid
  • POS (point of sale) web based interface for quickly creating invoices; the POS currency can be changed in the user settings, the default is Bitcoin

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