A+Δ is running in sandbox mode, for testing and educational purposes.
A+Δ is using the TESTNET network of each cryptocurrency.
You will receive free TESTNET cryptocurrencies when you sign up, which you can use for learning and testing the platform.

Welcome to A+Δ

We are a cryptocurrency platform offering the following services & features:

  • wallet: deposit & withdraw multiple cryptocurrencies
  • trading: buy/sell cryptocurrencies from/to other users
  • merchant services: accept cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services

Fast, secure, private and easy to use: these are the main advantages of A+Δ
No personal information required in order to use our services (no name, phone number, bank account, address, government ID, etc.)
No user tracking, no data sharing with any companies or governments

Available markets for trading

Market 24 hour volume Last price Options
BOKKY-BTC 25.29602105 BOKKY 0.03817942 BTC Trade
DOGE-BTC 0 DOGE 0.00000075 BTC Trade
ETH-BTC 246441.31 ETH 0.032816 BTC Trade
LTC-BTC 182584.81 LTC 0.00863 BTC Trade